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TurboLister is a FREE listing software for ASellerTool Scoutly users. If you are already using Scoutly (even on trial), you can also use TurboLister to list your items on Amazon and create FBA shipments. You can always download the latest version here. And then view the tutorial on installation here.

Version 5.0 Dec. 27th, 2021
This is a major update. Please finish your listing and shipment before upgrading.

  1. Add restriction notification during the listing.
  2. Improve Merchant Fulfill ticketing system by adding both SKU and location info in the ticket.
  3. Add Bulk Removal feature to allow you quickly filter out the items to be removed from your FBA inventory.
  4. Allow you to rearrange the note position.

Version 4.3 Sep. 9th, 2021

  1. Major update for merchant fulfilled sellers. Improve merchant fulfilled ticket system with Location Map (Bin System).
  2. Support for PickList and merchant order fulfill shipping label printing. Detail is here.

Version 4.2 Apr. 12th, 2021

  1. Update Amazon FBA fee for marketplace.

Version 4.1 Mar. 16th, 2021

  1. Add the “Quick Scan” feature, so you can keep scanning several products in a row without waiting for the FNSKU label to print out. This will speed up your listing process.
  1. Support expiration date
  1. Switch between MF and FBA batch does not require restarting the software

Version 3.15 Dec. 4th, 2020

  1. Add box weight checking, so TurboLister will notify you when your box exceeds your specified max weight.
  1. Add built-in support for 2 labels paper for shipping labels.
  1. Mark your non-preferred FC letter with bold in FNSKU label, so you can easily identify and move it to a separate stack (You can move them to the holding bin later)
  1. Fix vertical alignment issue for certain Dymo FNSKU labels.

Version 3.14 Nov. 13th, 2020

  1. You can set your preferred fulfillment center when you create a new Live batch. TurboLister will try to assign your items to your preferred fulfillment center. This will help to reduce split shipments and also generate box content automatically.
  1. Support both 1D (SKU prefix and suffix only) and 2D (complete SKU) in MF ticket
  1. Fix FNSKU label print for Brother thermal label printer with a continuous label.

Version 3.13.8 Oct. 28th, 2020

  1. Fix the program did not update your shipment after you remove items from the box to the holding bin.
  1. Improve the reliability of filling missing dimension requirements via TurboLister.
  1. Change 4×6 FBA package label from landscape to portrait.

Version 3.13 Oct. 15th, 2020

  1. Fix the browser window behind the pricing screen.
  1. Fix 4×6 box and shipping label print out for Amazon EU (UK, DE) sellers

Version 3.12 Oct. 15th, 2020

  1. Fix multiple quantities in the Holding Bin issue.
  1. The program now remembers your last selection of the box content for Feed or 2D
  1. Allows you to print 2D box content label, box label, and package label in 4×6 Thermal labels with one mouse click

Version 3.11 Oct. 1st, 2020

  1. Allow print out Amazon FBA shipping labels directly from TurboLister into 4×6 thermal labels. Now you can finish all your FBA shipments within TurboLister.
  1. Convert LTL package and pallet labels into 4×6 thermal labels directly withinTurboLister.
  1. Fix Feed for Box Content on multiple quantities of the same ASIN from Holding Bin.

Version 3.10.8 Sep. 9th, 2020

  1. Fix box weight and dimension input screen for,, and

Version 3.10.5 Sep. 2nd, 2020

  1. Significant new feature release: Provide Carton feed (TSV File) for box content. TurboLister will transfer your box content directly to Amazon. You do not need to print out a 2D barcode anymore. Carton feed is a much more reliable method for box content than a 2D barcode. It also does not have an SKU limitation per box. Amazon also processes your shipment faster with a carton feed than a 2D barcode.

To transition to carton feed for box content, please create a new batch and select Feed as an option for box content. More info is here.

  1. In the Box screen, click Work on shipment, TurboLister now will automatically fill in the box weight (estimated) and you can enter your box dimension with one mouse click. TurboLister will also transmit box weight and dimension info to Amazon, so you do not need to fill again. More info is here.

Version 3.9.2 Aug. 4th, 2020

  1. Fix feed status result. After you move items to the holding bin, the program will remove them from your shipment. When you submit the feed, the feed will exclude those items when submitting to Amazon. Show the box number for each failed item in the feed status, so you can locate it quickly.
  2. Box screen: Allow you to scan an FNSKU and locate its shipment and box number.
  3. Fix create new shipment fail after you add items from Holding Bin.
  4. Add used buy box, new buy box, and Amazon price in the Pricing screen for workflows that require pricing step.
  5. MF ticketing: Allow you to only print out SKU numbers and barcodes to fit into smaller label sizes.

Version 3.7.50 Jun. 16th 2020

  1. Add Assign FC inside Holding Bin, so you can preview the Fulfillment assignment and only select items going to your preferred FC to the batch. The detail is here.
  2. Add target list price, so you can avoid inactive listing due to high pricing error. The detail is here.

Version 3.7.2 Mar. 30th 2020

  1. TurboLister will install the Migrated Template from Amazon by default for Merchant Fulfilled (MF) listing.
  2. Support export MF listing data to an external spreadsheet file.

Version 3.6.18 Mar. 16th 2020

  1. Allow you to export listing data to 3rd party accounting software & spreadsheet. Click here for detail.
  2. Fix UK address crash.
  3. Fix the UK submit Amazon feed status error
  4. Modify ticketing output format for merchant fulfill

Version 3.5.27 Feb. 7th, 2020

  1. Fix moving to the holding bin crash in the Feed status screen
  2. Fix submit Feed crash for MF mode

Version 3.5.26 Feb. 4th, 2020

  1. Major feature: Eliminate split shipments with Live Batch and Holding Bin. Reduce your box content work to zero. Please see the topic here.

Version 3.5.2

  1. Fix FNSKU barcode on small-sized labels (ex. Dymo 30336)
  2. Fix multiple results, manual replenish/increase quantity during a continuous scan (you scan 5 items continuously without waiting for the FNSKU label to print out, then attach the labels after you finish scanning the 5 items. This will speed up your listing speed).

Version 3.4.5 Nov. 13th, 2019

  1. Fix Amazon Germany.
  2. Add multiple shipping from addresses for FBA.

Version 3.3.3 Oct. 26th, 2019

  1. Support Amazon Germany.
  2. Fix crash when resubmitting the feed as Merchant Fulfill.

Version 3.2.3 Oct. 26th, 2019

  1. Support Avery 30-Up label. Click here to see how it works.
  2. Improve user interface of one-click printing multiple UPS shipping labels feature.
  3. Fix the MF ticketing issue.
  4. Fix MF submit feed issue.

Version 3.1.11 Oct. 10th, 2019

  1. Optimize the holding bin to reduce split shipment, so you can move all items assigned to one warehouse to the holding bin. In our example, we successfully convert 3 shipments for 105 items into one shipment for 102 items and 3 items in the Holding Bin. Click here to see how it works.
  2. Add the listing price as part of the SKU and fix some issues in SKU.

Version 3.0.12 Sep. 3rd 2019

  1. Support the Amazon UK marketplace.
  2. Fix Amazon Canada Feed false error.
  3. Optimize box content performance.
  4. Add estimated total profit, average sales count, and sales rank for the batch.
  5. Fix missing price in the title search.

Version 2.10.20 Jul. 20th 2019

  1. Replenish will show multiple SKUs with the matching condition. It will also show the current quantity in stock, list price, and description.
  2. 2D barcode for box content now supports 100 SKU in one box.
  3. Add average sales rank as part of the SKU option.
  4. You can enable auto replenishing or auto quantity increment in Menu -> Settings. This will allow you to scan without stopping.
  5. Add audio cue in the box content management, so you can make box content even faster.

Version 2.7.22 Jun. 3rd 2019

  1. Comply with Amazon FBA shipping policy. The detail is here.
  2. Fix SKU suffix issue with Merchant fulfillment ticketing system.

Version 2.6.5 Apr. 19th 2019

  1. Fix condition change in workflow D and E
  2. Enhance box content management screen

Version 2.5.6 Apr. 3rd 2019

  1. MF ticketing barcode for complete SKU
  2. Fix listing with UPC barcode for non-media items
  3. Better box content management.
  4. Optimize private batch to reduce FBA shipment splits.

Version 2.2.15 Mar. 3rd, 2019

  1. Fix SKU prefix limitation.
  2. Increase 2D barcode content limitation from 40 SKUs to 52 SKUs
  3. Allow moving SKU suffix to the bottom.
  4. Be able to create a big shipment of 500 items or more

Version 2.1.6 Feb. 27th, 2019

A major new release, please read carefully on the new features.

  1. Support Private and Live batch. A private batch will allow you to reduce split shipments. For 100 items, it usually results in no more than 3 warehouses. Live batch allows you to use 50 lbs, one box method to skip box content.
  2. Support Ticketing System for Merchant Fulfill items. We use Star T700 thermal printer with an auto cut to test MF ticketing.
  3. New improved Box Content Management feature to allow you to quickly create box content for multiple boxes shipment. And you can print out the box content on a 4×6 label with Zebra or other thermal printers.
  4. You can select and print multiple UPS shipping labels for your FBA shipments (Downloaded from Amazon seller central) and right-click on them to show the TurboLister printer program. Shipping labels will be printed to 4×6 labels.
  5. Holding Bin allows you to transfer items to a temporary place and can be added back to any batch (Live or Private)
  6. Resubmit Feed allows you to resubmit your feed file to Amazon after you modify the feed file or simply retry.
  7. Reassign All in the shipment screen allows you to reassign all pending items to different warehouses. (This allows you to start with a live batch, but convert to a private batch if too many split shipments.)

Version 1.37 Sep. 20th, 2018

  1. Fix issue, so Canadian sellers can use it to list and create FBA shipment.
  2. Supports 3 Dymo 450 printer labels: 30252 30336 and 30334

Version 1.36 Sep. 11th, 2018

  1. Support, so Canadian sellers can use it to list and create FBA shipment.
  2. Some improvements on split shipment retry
  3. Add sticky option to additional note

add the sticky option to additional note

Version 1.35 Aug. 17th, 2018

  1. Better reassignment screen to minimize split shipments impact.
  2. Add sticky option to additional note

Version 1.34 Aug. 8th, 2018

  1. Fixed shipping label creation for Zebra 2844 printer when you have multiple boxes in one shipment.

Version 1.33 Jul. 27th 2018

  1. Print out multiple UPS Shipping labels to your Zebra 2844 printer with one click

Version 1.32 Jun. 26th 2018

  1. Allow to print out UPS Shipping label to your Zebra 2844 printer

Version 1.31.12 May 31st, 2018

  1. Supports new Amazon inventory upload file format
  2. Audio notification when the inventory upload feed is finished.

Version 1.30.16 May 4th, 2018

  1. Improve workflow UI, show box weight info. Fix notes display issue.

Version 1.29.6 Apr. 6th, 2018

  1. Fix listing price, condition, and quantity setting issues in some workflows.

Version 1.28.25 Mar. 28th, 2018

  1. Solve split shipment issue: Reassign Amazon fulfillment center. Tutorial is here.
  2. Customize MSKU content. Tutorial is here.

Version 1.27.10 Feb. 26th, 2018

  1. Custom MSKU. Tutorial is here.
  2. Allow printing out Amazon UPS shipping labels with Zebra 2844 printer. Tutorial is here.


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