How to Connect the Scanfob to your Phone:

  1. Print this page of barcodes
  2. Scan “Disconnect & Radio Off”
  3. Scan “Keyboard – HID
  4. Scan “iOS & Windows: Prefix=NONE, Suffix=CR”
  5. Scan “Make Discoverable & Connectable”

  1. Open your phone’s Settings

  1. Open the phone’s Bluetooth Settings

  1. Select the Scanfob from the “Available Devices”

  1. The Scanfob is connected when it appears under “Paired Devices”


Step 1: Scan the three barcodes listed below. This will allow the scanner to scan ISBN barcodes.

*Step 2: Connecting Scanner via Bluetooth as a Keyboard (HID)

  • Scanfob 2002 Follow the instructions after Setup for connecting Scanfob® 2002 via Bluetooth as a Keyboard on 1st page.

  • Scanfob 2005 Follow the instructions after Setting up Scanfob ®2005 in HID mode (like a Bluetooth keyboard) on the 2nd page.

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