Retail Arbitrage

You can find valuable items from a library, thrift store, yard sale, or store liquidation, and resell them on Amazon or eBay for a profit. This is called Retail Arbitrage.

Scouting App

Our app provides the ability to download Amazon pricing information to your phone, so you can check any item’s market price quickly and without an Internet connection. This allows you to scout (find valuable items to resell later) anytime and anywhere. This saves you several hours in scouting every month and allows you to compete in any major sales event.

Our scouting software supports 3 platforms:

You also need a barcode scanner to allow you to quickly enter an item’s number directly into the Scoutly app or ASellerTool software, so you can check items in less than a second.

Country Offline Database Search Internet Live Search TurboLister
US Yes Yes Yes
Canada Yes Yes Yes
UK Yes Yes Yes
France No Yes No
Germany No Yes Yes
Spain No Yes No

For the countries in which we don’t currently provide a database program, you can still sign up for our live search. We will make the database program for your country when enough sellers sign up.

This is a video produced by Nathan Holmquist to demonstrate how fast FBAScan and Socket 8Ci scanner can work together to check items.

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