Error Codes

200: New error.

Please report this error with a screenshot to us, so we can check it.


Solution: It’s in a restricted category for your seller account and you can’t sell it. You can request approval by adding it manually here. After that, you can add it again. If you still have the same error and you can add it manually on Amazon seller central, then it is an Amazon API issue. You can try to add this item tomorrow.

202: Unsupported option intendedBoxContentsSource =2D_BARCODE

Solution: You need to enable a 2D barcode option for box content on your Amazon Seller Central page. Please follow this link to enable your 2D barcode option. It is a one-time effort. After you enable a 2D barcode option for your box content, you can continue to create the FBA shipment.


Solution: You have the same item in your stranded inventory at this moment. You need to activate this item from your stranded inventory first. After that, you can add this item again. Please follow this link.


Solution: You need to add this item to Amazon seller central first. Then you can add this item again in TurboLister.


Solution: Please follow this link


Solution: Please follow this link


Solution: Please follow this link


Solution: This SKU already exists in your inventory. You need to change the SKU for this item. Please try to do the following to change SKU.

  1. In the Add screen, increase the SKU suffix number
  2. Change SKU Prefix (Optional)
  3. Add average sales rank or sales count in your SKU (Enable them in Menu -> SKU Settings). It is highly recommended to add that info to your SKU for better analysis and repricing.
  4. After you change the SKU, you can try to add this item again.


Solution: Make sure SKU is unique among each item.


Solution: to be added


Amazon does not allow you to mix certain items in one shipment.


  1. Move items that give you the “INCOMPATIBLE_PREPOWNER” error to the holding bin.
  2. Create a shipment for the remaining items.
  3. Move items from the holding bin back to the shipping screen.
  4. Create a new shipment for those items only.


Solution: to be added


This SKU is not in your FBA Catalog. Solution: Change the product to Fulfilled by Amazon. Launch to Amazon and wait a few minutes. Then retrieve the FNSKU by executing the action Get FNSKU.


Solution: Not all products are eligible for Stickerless Commingled Inventory. Most notably in grocery, health and beauty, and media products must always be labeled. Amazon is always evaluating categories and products and may change the eligibility for products at any time.

Add the item to the FBA Shipment in SellerCentral. After adding the item the following message may be returned (along these lines): This product is not eligible for stickerless commingling. This product requires labeling to be received at our fulfillment centers. Select: “I agree to apply labels to these products.”


Solution: Based on your seller account, you are restricted to list this item. You can request Amazon approval. If Amazon approves, you can list this item again. You need to log in to your Amazon seller central page and add this item to request approval. The link is here.

216: You must include a valid ShipmentId with a call to the CreateInboundShipment operation

Solution: You did not create a shipment within 48 hours after you list items, so the shipment plan on your items is expired.

  • Live batch: You can continue to add items until one item is assigned to the same warehouse. You can create a shipment now because TurboLister will use the shipment plan from this newly added item to create a new shipment. You can delete this new item by moving it to the Holding Bin from “Unassigned Area”, then delete it from Holding Bin.
  • Private batch: You need to click the “Reassign All” button on the Ship screen to request a new shipment plan for your pending items. After that, you can proceed to create a new shipment based on this shipment plan.

217: AuthToken is not valid for SellerId and AWSAccountId

Solution: Your MWS authorization with ASellerTool Inc. is expired. Amazon requires a renewal once every 12 months. Please authorize your MWS account again here. After that, you can continue to use TurboLister.


Solution: Amazon does not allow you to ship this item from 5/1 to 9/30. Please see the detail here.

219: US State field must be two characters.

Solution: You need to enter 2 letters for the State if your country is the United States. Ex. Enter CA if your state is California. If you cannot change your current address, you can create a new address to enter the 2 letters for the State. Then you delete your old address and use your new address as the Ship From address.

220: Seller is blocked by the AndonCordManager.

Solution: This error comes directly from Amazon. Check your shipments or inbound performance summary. There might be an issue on either item or shipment level (such as sending in an overweight box or missing items in a box). Please click here to go to your FBA inbound shipping queue to locate any issue. You’ll need to acknowledge it before Amazon will let you do the inbound shipment again. If you are not sure how to resolve it, you need to contact the Amazon Seller Support agent.


Non-priority products that exceed quantity limits during Covid19. Please check out this FAQ on Amazon Seller Central COVID-19: Update on products eligible for shipment creation


Non-priority products that exceed quantity limits during Covid19. Please check out this FAQ on Amazon Seller Central Temporarily prioritizing products coming into our fulfillment centers


Long-term storage (LTSF) restriction: Units of this ASIN would have been subject to LTSF but were removed before the inventory cleanup date. Your ability to send in more units of this ASIN has been limited. You can try to send it again after 3 months.


Free removal promotion restriction: Units of this ASIN were removed during the free removal promotion. Your ability to send in more units of this ASIN has been limited. You can contact Amazon seller support to inquiry when you can ship this ASIN again. It can be 6 months or longer.

225: Shipment is in locked status

You have already processed, deleted, or archived this shipment in Seller Central. You can no longer choose to “Add to existing shipment” for this shipment. You need to choose the “Create a new shipment” option for your items. If you want to find out which is the reason, please log into Seller Central, access your Shipping Queue, and locate the shipment name you try to add to.


Item has no eligible Fulfillment Center to send to. This is a hazmat (hazardous material) so you cannot send it to FBA. Please contact Amazon seller support for further assistance.


Product is missing the UPC on Seller Central.


You cannot add items using its Parent ASIN. Please find the appropriate child ASIN for this item and try again.

229: Please accept the [Amazon Partnered Carrier Program] terms and conditions in the country:

For Amazon EU sellers, before using an Amazon-partnered carrier for an inbound shipment, you must first review and accept the terms and conditions of Amazon’s partnered carrier program. Please click here for more info.

230: Andon error:

This error comes directly from Amazon. When you receive an Andon Cord notification, it typically means one of your ASINs has been temporarily suspended from selling on the Amazon marketplace until customer complaints can be investigated and resolved.

Issues can focus on physical and functional defects or inconsistencies with the product page description. For instance, the physical item lacks a feature that was listed on the product page or its coloring is different.

You may have also received an email about this issue. The Andon Cord email, if you received one from Amazon, will list the customer complaints received for the ASIN in question. It includes a request for you to check your own inventory for these possible errors and confirm if they are an issue. If the complaint is related to a device’s function, the Amazon fulfillment center team might request quality-testing guidelines to check their in-house stock.

If you’re unsure, you will need to reach out to Seller Central Seller Support to find out exactly what is causing it and to also get it resolved. The steps below may also help figure out what needs to be addressed.

Check your shipments or inbound performance summary. There might be an issue there (such as sending in an overweight box) and you’ll need to acknowledge it either on the summary page or shipment page before Amazon will let you inbound again.

231: Access to FulfillmentInboundShipment.CreateInboundShipmentPlan is denied

You need to sync your MWS account with us (ASellerTool Inc.) again. The synchronization will expire after a year and Amazon requires you to sync with your provider. Please follow this topic sync again.

232: Seller is over restock limit for CapacityGroup type:

You have reached your Amazon FBA storage limitation for a certain category. Please check this Facebook post for a possible solution. You can also go to your Inventory Planning page. It is likely that you have already reached the maximum quantity for your account and your shipment quantity is 0.

233: Access denied

Amazon requires a renewal of authorization once every 12 months. Please authorize your MWS account again here. Under “Settings”, please make sure you select the correct Amazon Marketplace for listing: – USA, – Canada, – UK, – Germany

999: Error message contains***

When the error message contains com. amazon.***, it means something is wrong with the Amazon MWS API. You need to wait a while to check if Amazon resolves this issue. You can also join our Facebook group with 4,000 Amazon sellers here, so you will be notified when Amazon resolves this issue


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