1. Add a User
  2. Remove a User

You can use your account on one phone at a time. You will have issues if you share the same account on two phones. If you use two phones simultaneously, you need to subscribe to a second user ID for your second phone. If you use two phones alone, you must log out from your first phone before logging in to your 2nd phone. We issue a $5 refund for each additional Professional plan subscription payment ($30 monthly). The pricing plan is here.

1. Add a User

  1. Have a unique user id for your 2nd account. You can create a new user ID or reuse your inactive user ID.
  2. Create a PayPal subscription for this user ID. You must use the same Paypal account to receive the $5 refund for the pro plan.
  3. Optionally you can go to the team portal to add this account to your scout team, so you can push your trigger set to his phone and enable Hidden Mode if needed. Please check this topic on the scout team.

Example: You want to use two phones simultaneously, so you need to have two user IDs and two subscriptions.

  1. Have two user IDs. For example, ast1 is for your first phone, and ast2 is for your 2nd phone.
  2. Create a PayPal subscription for ast1, then create a 2nd subscription for ast2.
  3. You can log in to the portal with ast1 as admin and add ast2 to your scout team.

2. Remove a User

  1. Cancel the subscription for the user ID you want to remove. If you do not know how to do it, email support@asellertool.com with the user ID you wish to cancel so we can cancel the subscription.


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Staff wrote: Feb 10, 2017

Each device requires its own user ID and subscription. So if you have 2 devices, you need to have 2 user IDs and 2 subscriptions.

Matt wrote: Feb 9, 2017

So if I own 2 devices I need to pay 2 subscriptions?

Staff wrote: Jan 26, 2017

The Amazon account is used for our inventory software like FBAListing.

For scouting, you need an unique user ID for each of your device. It has no relationship with your Amazon account.

Joe wrote: Jan 19, 2017

Can I have 2 unique users but one Amazon FBA account??