Installing, Creating the User ID, and Scanning Your First Item

1) Install Scoutly in the Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple Store (iPhone). Click here for more info.

2) Create a new username for the device by going to Menu -> Account in Scoutly or by tapping on the Account icon on the Dashboard. Click here for more info.

After creating a new username, the app provides 100 live scans to try out the Lite Service Plan.

3) From the Dashboard, go to the Scout screen and scan an item by tapping on the Scan button. The app is set to LV (Live Only) Mode .

What’s next after the first 100 live scans?

  • If you are a new customer, you can try out our Professional Service plans for a 30-day trial, by subscribing through PayPal. Your first month will be refunded 7 business days after sign up, acting as the 30-day trial. Click here for more info.
  • If you have a Professional Amazon Seller Account, you can register it with us to receive a 30-day trial instead of using PayPal for the trial. Click here for more info.

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