If you do not have a Windows computer to use AST TurboLister, we offer free rental of a Windows laptop computer with $40 Shipping & Handling.

Rental Details:

  1. This package includes a Windows laptop only. You still need to have thermal printers for FNSKU, box content and UPS shipping labels.
  2. We will install TurboLister, Dymo 450 and Zebra 2844 printers driver on the laptop, so you can just plug your printer to the laptop and use it right away.
  3. You order the rental laptop here. It is package #6. We set up and ship the laptop to you in 7 to 14 business days.
  4. You can use this laptop for free as long as you have an active AST subscription. If you no longer subscribe to our service, please return the laptop to us, or you will be charged a rental fee ($30 a month) for unsubscribed time, up to your full deposit ($150). When we deduct your full deposit ($150), the laptop belongs to you and you do not need to return.
  5. After we have received your returned laptop and verified it is in working condition, we will refund $150 to your deposit ($40 of your original $190 payment is S&H).

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