Step 1: Choose Category.

Tap ‘Menu’, then ‘Advanced Trigger’ (Figure 9 at Configure Basic Trigger), and then tap a category (Figure 12)

Advanced Trigger Category Screen on PDAFigure 12

You can tap the ‘Back’ button (<) to return to the main screen.

Once a category is selected, the program will show a list of existing triggers for that category (Figure 13).

  • Step 2: Review current triggers.

Existing Advanced Triggers Screen for PDAFigure 13

The information displayed in the Trigger List is as follows:

1) Minimum Offer Price

2) Max Sales Rank

3) Offer to Use

4) Buy Message

5) Buy Color

6) Delete: Tapping this X will delete this.

7) Enable: Enables/disables this trigger

  • Step 3: Create new Trigger/Edit existing Triggers.

To create a new trigger from the trigger list screen, tap the ‘plus’ button (+). To edit an existing trigger, tap that trigger from the Trigger List screen.

At the top of the Trigger Configuration screen (Figure 14 on Advanced Trigger Configuration), tapping (<) will cancel changes and take you back to the Trigger list screen. Tapping OK will save changes, and, if this is a new trigger, add it to the list.

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