For Amazon sellers who sell both FBA and MF, the Scoutly profit trigger allows you to configure one trigger set to check both FBA and MF at the same time.

This book is accepted based on the profit of Merchant Fulfill, but not FBA. You can have trigger 1 to target FBA and trigger 2 to check the same book but target MF. So you can use one trigger set to target both FBA and MF. This will allow you to scan once. You can configure differently trigger sound, color, and message to indicate this is for MF, not FBA.

Follow the steps to set up your trigger set to target both FBA and MF

  1. If you set trigger 1 to target FBA, then in trigger 2, setup the same sales count and sales rank range as trigger 1, and similar target price selection as trigger 1. In step 6 (1), select Merchant Fulfilled. This will allow this trigger to use Merchant Fulfilled formula to calculate profit.
  1. You can also set up different trigger colors, sound and message in trigger effect (7) to indicate this item is accepted as Merchant Fulfill.

  1. Your trigger set will look like below.

  1. You can tap the Buy/Reject trigger result to review how this trigger set works.

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