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  1. Scoutly Error code
  2. TurboLister Error code
  3. Create new or resume a subscription
  4. Cancel a subscription
  5. Use a New Credit Card
  6. Refund Policy
  7. Change Service Plan
  8. Add or remove users
  9. Move my account (user ID) to another device
  10. How to check if an item is restricted
  11. Forget user ID, password or check your account status
  12. Install PC Downloader to download database on your PDA
  13. Sync your MWS Account


  1. Email
  • Please include your user ID, PayPal email address.
  • Describe your issue in detail so we can duplicate it on our side.
  • Attach a screenshot to show the issue clearly, it will also help us resolve your issue quickly. Here is the info on how to create a screenshot.
  1. Facebook ASellerTool Community Support Group. There are almost 3,500 Amazon sellers in our group that can help you with our software issues and sell on Amazon. We also participate very actively in our Facebook group.
  1. YouTube video tutorial channel to receive a new video tutorial on new features of Scoutly and TurboLister. We publish new videos regularly to demonstrate new features or show how to resolve certain technical issues.

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