Advanced Triggers allow experienced sellers to have more customization to set up a trigger.

Existing Triggers List:

Tap Menu -> Advanced Trigger -> Select any category, you will see the list of current triggers for this category.

Existing Advanced Triggers Screen on iPhone

A: Go back to the category selection screen.

B: Enables or disables this trigger.

C: Minimum offer price.

D: Maximum sales rank. NR means ‘No Rank’.

E: Which offer to use to compare against minimum offer price. LA stands for use lowest of all offers to compare against the minimum offer price C.

F: Background color in the decision box (I in Figure 3-1 at the Main Screen), when this trigger signals the item as ‘Buy’.

G: Delete this trigger.

H: Create a new trigger.

To edit an existing trigger, tap that trigger from the list.

Create a New Trigger:

Editing Advanced Triggers on the iPhone

A: Tap here to go back to the main screen.

B: Enable or disable this trigger.

C: If enabled, the program will select the price from Merchant Fulfilled (Non-FBA) offers only, ignoring any FBA offers.

D: If enabled, FBA offers will not deduct shipping cost when comparing with other Non-FBA offers to select the offer price.

E: Set the minimum offer price and maximum sales rank for this trigger to signal a buy.

F: Message to appear in the decision box (I in Main Screen) if this trigger signals the item as Buy.

G: Choose which offer to compare against the minimum offer price (E) in this trigger.

H: Color in the decision box (I in Main Screen) if this trigger signals the item as a Buy.

I: Sound or vibration the app will play if this trigger signals the item as a Buy.

After you setup this trigger, you tap the ‘Back’ button (A) to save it.

How it Works:

  1. After you scan an item’s barcode to the app, the app will get the Amazon market place offers either from an offline local database or the Internet for this item.
  2. The app will use the first trigger from the list. Based on this trigger’s settings, the program will select an offer price from the offers’ list. If the selected offer price is >= Minimum Offer Price and sales rank is <= Max Sales Rank, then this trigger will signal the item as ‘Buy’. The program will display this trigger’s ‘Buy’ message, its color on screen and play its sound.
  3. If this trigger cannot give ‘Buy’ signal, the program will use the next trigger from the list. The program will repeat this process above until a trigger can signal the item as ‘Buy’, or it goes through all the triggers in the list and every trigger gives the reject signal.
  4. If you enable the Adv + Basic Triggers option in Settings, the app will continue to use Basic Triggers to check. If not enabled, then the program will then signal this item as ‘Reject’.


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