Amazon can split your FBA items into multiple fulfillment centers. If you do not want to send items to a particular fulfillment center, keep those items in the TurboLister. You can then try to reassign those items to a different Fulfillment Center after several days or 1 week. Those items may go to a favorable fulfillment center after this reassignment.

There are two ways to do reassignment on an item:

Method 1

  1. Scan an item’s current FNSKU into the input box.

  1. Program will show this item’s new fulfillment center assignment.
  2. If you like the new fulfillment center for this item, click “Accept”. The program will print out a new FNSKU label for this fulfillment center. If you do not like the new assignment, click “Cancel.” The program will keep this item with the original fulfillment center and FNSKU. You can try the reassignment again after several days.

Method 2:

  1. Find the item from the row of images, move the mouse over the item’s image and click reassignment icon.

  1. Follow the step 2 and 3 in method 1.

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