Create a New Shipment or Add to an Existing Shipment to a Fulfillment Center (FC)

Click the ‘Create Shipment’ button (2) to create a new shipment or add to an existing shipment to an FC. To follow Amazon’s new FBA inbound shipment policy, you have to accept all shipments. But you can add to an existing shipment that you are working on, or move items from a smaller shipment to the Holding Bin.

Batch Editing

You can select multiple items or select a fulfillment center to select all items going to this FC, then click one of the buttons in (3) to change the tax code, price, quantity, move to the Holding Bin or delete them.

  • Click on Quantity (5) to change quantity.
  • Click on FNSKU (6) to print out the FNSKU label.
  • Click on Condition (7) to change the item’s condition.
  • Click on Tax Code (8) to change the tax code.
  • Click on Holding Bin to move selected items to the holding bin. TurboLister will contact Amazon to reassign the remaining items.

Change Price

  • In Ship screen (1), click on the item’s price (2).
  • TurboLister will show you the Amazon FBA offer page (3). Click “>” (4) to hide the offer page.

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