The program uses triggers to signal whether the item is a ‘Buy’ or a ‘Reject’. It will play sound and display a message in certain colors based on the trigger result. Basic triggers are for new users and advanced triggers are for experienced users.

Configure Basic Triggers

Tap a category to edit basic triggers for this category.

Basic Triggers Editing on the iPhoneFigure 4-2

Step 1: Tap the ‘Offer to Use’ (A) to select which kind of offer price to compare against the minimum price from a trigger.

Explanation of Offer to Use (A in Figure 4-2):

Lowest Price of All (LA): Use the lowest price from all available offers. This is the default setting.

2nd Used Price (2U): Use the second-lowest used price.

3rd Used Price (3U): Use the third-lowest used price.

Lowest New Price (LN): Use the lowest new price.

2nd New Price (2N): Use the second-lowest new price.

3rd New Price (3N): Use the third-lowest new price.

Avg 3 Used Price (AU): Use an average of the three lowest used prices.

Avg 3 New Price (AN): Use an average of the three lowest new prices.

If there are less than 3 used/new prices available, the program will average either the lowest 2 used/new (if 2 offers available), or use the lowest used/new (if 1 offer is available).

Lowest FBA Price (LF): Use the lowest FBA price.

2nd FBA Price (2F): Use the second-lowest FBA price.

3rd FBA Price (3F): Use the third-lowest FBA price.

Lowest Used Profit (UP): Use the lowest profit from Used offers.

Lowest New Profit (NP): Use the lowest profit from New offers.

Lowest FBA Profit (FP): Use the lowest profit from FBA offers.

Step 2: Configure Additional Options

Ignore FBA Offers (B): The program will select the offer price only from Merchant Fulfilled (non-FBA) offers.

No Rank ©: If you also buy items without a sales rank to resell, then check this option and set the minimum price for items without a sales rank in the box (D) next to it. If unchecked, the program will signal items without a sales rank as ‘Reject’.

Target Non Prime Buyers (E): FBA offers will not deduct shipping, when comparing against other non-FBA offers to select the offer price. (Non-Prime buyers will pay shipping for both FBA and non-FBA offers).

Step 3: Set Price/Sales Rank for 8 Triggers (F)

There are a total of 8 rows in a Basic Trigger table. Each row is a trigger comprised of the minimum price and maximum sales rank. You tap on them to enter a value.

Step 4: Changes

You tap the Basic Trigger button (G) to save changes.

How the Basic Trigger Works

Based on Steps 1 and 2, the program will select an offer price from this item’s available offers.

The program will start by comparing against the trigger in the first row. If the selected offer price is >= the minimum price and the sales rank is <= the maximum sales rank in the first row, then this trigger will signal the item as ‘Buy’,

If the trigger cannot signal ‘Buy’, the program will compare against the trigger from the next row.

The program will repeat this process until either a trigger signals this item as ‘Buy’, or it goes through all the triggers. In the latter case, the program will signal this item as ‘Reject’.


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