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Operating Modes

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FBAScan supports 4 operating modes to search items. DB: (Database Only) The program will only search from the local database on the phone. No Internet is required, so the result is returned instantly. If you sign up for the standard plan, please use this…


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Operating Modes Main Screen Price from Amazon MWS Displayed in FBAScan Downloading Database Audio and Voice Cue Restricted Item Notification Multiple Listings Title Search


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To open the menu, you can tap the ‘menu’ icon on the top left of the program. Download Operating Mode Buy Items List Lock Screen Data Test Settings Account Basic Triggers Advanced Triggers Pricing Column Order & Color Sales Rank Color Audio Review…

Setting up your Android Smartphone

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Perquisites In order to use the PC Downloader, customers must have a computer running a Windows Operating system, using Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8. Customers using Mac computers should follow our instructions at Mac Downloader for Android. Android devices will…

Title Search

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For old books that do not have ISBN barcode, you can perform title search by tapping Select ->Title. *Please make sure you have already downloaded data with the title search information included before using Title Search. Figure 17 Figure 18 Tap the keyboard symbol…

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Introduction ASellerTool Inc. is committed to protecting the privacy of your data. This Privacy Policy explains more specifically what information ASellerTool Inc. (together, “ASellerTool ,” “we” or “us”) collect and receive from Account Holders and End…

FBAScan Error Code

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Error Code Message Location Solution 2 Please enter account info at Menu -> Account Tap Menu->Account and enter user ID and password. Verify your account info here 3 [Your-user-ID] does not exist …