To setup your device in Media Device (MTP)/PC Mode, follow the steps below after connecting the device to the computer.

Changing the Connection Mode on the Android smartphone

Android MTP Connection, Part 2

Computer Windows Showing Connected Smartphone

After your computer sees the device, you can open PC Downloader by double clicking the red book icon on your desktop. Once the PC Downloader is open, you will want to select ‘Media Device/PC Mode’ from the Android box.

Selecting Media Device/PC Mode

Then press ‘Start’ below step 2 to start the download.

PC Downloader Start Button
PC Downloader Start Button

When the download completes, you’ll receive a message indicating that the download has completed successfully.

Download To The Device Is Complete
Download To The Device Is Complete

Once you have the data fully downloaded, make sure to test it by pressing the ‘Menu’ button on your device, and then the ‘Data Test’ option. If the device displays data for a test barcode at that time, the database has been downloaded successfully, and you may start using FBAScan with an updated database.

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