AST Online Book Arbitrage allows you to source low priced merchant fulfilled (MF) books or textbooks priced low at offseason and sells high via Amazon FBA program.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to either of the two sites below to find low-priced items from other MF sellers.

  1. Find the ones with a high or no FBA price or textbooks at the low price during offseason.
  1. Buy them at the low price and resell at a higher price via FBA.
  1. Repeat steps above.

FBATrade provides 8 different useful filters for you to customize your buying criteria. For each book it returns:

  1. Five lowest used prices with the condition
  2. Keepa popup to see prices history for 1 year
  3. Profit calculation tool
  4. Other useful data such as sales count, current, and average sales rank, used Buy box, Amazon, lowest FBA, lowest new, publication year and the number of used offers.

Also, you can use our listing software: TurboLister to list and create FBA shipment. It is included for all our users from $9.95 lite plan.

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